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Thursday, July 10th, 2014.
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  Natalia Sharymova Alex AG     Dmitry Kravtsov                       
July 10-24, 2014


This exhibition in the heart of the West Village features the rendering by three
photographers – Natalia Sharymova, Alex AG and Dmitry Kravtsov – 15,000 volts - of the emotional, the spiritual and the psychological impact of the city . Their work evinces innovative approaches to the art of photography, ranging from traditional to “new”.

Special Performance at opening
by guest of honor Valerii Ponomarev
  15,000 Volts of Art
  This exhibition is an examination of life in the city as reflected in the work of three photographers: Natalia Sharymova, Alex AG and Dmitry Kravtsov. The great metropolis has a perpetual, transformative impact on the human psyche; it is the complexity of that impact – the emotional, the spiritual and the psychological impact of life in the city. Each of the contributors experiments with both: the traditional and “new” art of photography.
  Each of the three participating artists employs a fundamentally different device: mechanically augmented photography, digital enhancement and digitally altered imagery, yielding a diverse range of style, technique and mood. But their separate artistic concepts merge at the apex of the interaction between the city and its occupants, transforming them either into something more than human beings were meant to be, or into something different altogether.
  Natalia Sharymova’s work examines the emotional components of human beings. Her digitally altered photographs convey the imagery of the emotional impact urban life wields. Issuing from reality, but far from realism, Natalia Sharymova’s photography conveys an instinctual quest for happiness, harmony and beauty in the face of an unremitting, resilient jolt: 15,000 volts of emotional and spiritual stress delivered daily by the cacophony and the chaos of the metropolis.
  Alex AG’s photography examines the impact of the immense amount of information – virtual and actual – that floods the mind every day. His images convey the constant need to compress this environment into an ingestible size. Alex AG’s vision addresses the issue of the immense gap between objective reality and subjective perception, invoking in the viewer reflection on the gossamer balance between what we see and what we think we see.
Dmitry Kravtsov’s art, based on traditional photography, alters the shooting process itself in ways that transfix. His images divulge the veiled solitude and latent serenity obscured by the apparent anarchy of metropolitan life. While contemplating the distress that dominates urban life, the artist corroborates the hidden grains of inner peace and emotional balance to be found under the avalanche of life in the city.
  It is only natural that this exhibition takes place in New York City, the exact locus of metropolitan life. It is equally natural that the particular New York City venue for this exhibition be Westbeth, the artistic housing, the former Bell Laboratories (1868-1966), where the “new technology” was born. The first talking movie, the first condenser microphone, the first TV broadcast and the first binary computer were all conceived.
  When brought together in Neon 15K Volts: New Photography in the West Village, the diverse creative methods used by each of these three artists combine to produce rather a startling sensation – a new image.
  A resilient jolt.
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  Featured Artists:


Natalia Sharymova

All of my works in this exhibition are fiction. They are not a reflection of reality, and they are not evidence of a life lived.

Until recently, the visual portrayal of observable world (photography) was separate from the representation of that world as fantasy (painting, drawing, etc.). The former was "real" and "truthful". The latter was not.

But the advent of digital imaging destroyed that paradigm.

My works, which proceed in the direction of a photo-based art or digital art that has existed for almost half a century already, were created using a dozen or so complex computer programs that open new possibilities for transformation of the original representation. I studied, and I adopted the lessons of the 60s, neon art, minimalism, Robert Wilson, electronic music...

There is in my work a synthesis of the achievements of computer graphics and an intuitive sense of the moment. A complete "here and now" in the creation of each image.

All of my works are fiction, but they express my real relationship with the actual world. They are not an augmentation of cacophony and chaos, but are, rather, a quest for happiness, harmony and beauty in our, to put it mildly, imperfect world.
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Beauty will save the world, and man will break through the ceiling with his head. The road of 10 000 li begins with the first step...
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Alex AG

Art of Alex AG is a pure product of metropolis. Born in Moscow, Russia - the ultimate urban environment of Eastern Europe, and spending most of his life in New York - the synonym of the City of Americas - Alex AG focused his photographic work on imprint largely populated cities leave on a person.

The techniques Alex AG use in his art revolve around creative augmentation of photography, starting with digital enhancement, and preceding to physical modifications of the prints. The final product is passing through a complex process of converting an image of real life into an artifact - the object possessing its own reality.

Alex AG believes that mere printing is stripping artworks from their individuality, disallowing them to become objective reality on their own. Because of that Alex AG considers everything concerning the ready work being part of the art piece, including frame, making frames in most cases redundant.

This exhibition features several new series
and art concepts of Alex AG:

- Artifacts of the past -
the images artificially modified to create in them a “history” due to production process adding to them visual and feel of historical context attached to the physical object. Each piece in this series is printed on unique surface, specially prepared for this work, including steel signs, leather and glass.

- Positional Art
- the art pieces, which not only related to their imagery, and form in which they created, but have internal relationships, during to their relative position and way they are exhibited.

- Variably compressed panoramas - making a new step in Alex AG compressed panorama technique, this series open a new page of underlying relationship of the objects in the image due to their relative prominence in the print.

www.OrbVIsta.com | www.CompressedPanoramas.com



Dmitry Kravtsov

My fascination with night photography comes from long overnight car trips. Once, I was in the back seat for hours, looking through the foggy rear windshield at the moonlit interstate, when it suddenly dawned on me that the never ending flow of the road and fusing black, blue and silver colors of the landscape scratched with red dashes of the passing cars - all deserve to be captured with a camera. Ever since, the idea of photographing the night per se, rather than night objects (such as celestial bodies or cityscapes), has been dominating my mind.

At night, the diminished vision creates uncertainty, lends wild, wicked or washed colors, summons up illusions, ghosts of something that’s not there, evokes eerie and frightening perceptions.

Enchanted by both photography and the night, I attempt to convey in my works these glimpses of phantoms dwelling in the dark, and abstract photography suits my purpose the best. Whether a dim alley, a brightly lit tree or an unlit parking lot, I paint my nightly impressions of them, literally, using my camera as a paintbrush.

By the way, one of my primary techniques for capturing the beauty of the night is called “light painting” – the definition of photography itself.


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